• Chair Committee, Monthly and Annual General Meeting meetings
  • In conjunction with Secretary, prepare agenda for Committee meetings
  • Introduce speakers and welcome new members and visitors at monthly meetings
  • Where practicable, liaise with Interest Groups by attendance at one meeting of each group per year
  • Prepare the annual report for circulation and publishing
  • Liaise with other U3A groups through attendance at U3A Network Canterbury meetings (or arrange a deputy) and report back to the Committee.


  • Take minutes of Committee meetings and distribute to Committee members within a week of the committee meeting
  • Ensure Agenda is prepared for Committee meetings
  • Book committee meeting venues
  • Keep records and correspondence
  • Ensure update of all Committee member details and distribute to all Committee members.
  • Notify all members of the Annual General Meeting and prepare nomination forms for AGM
  • Arrange any required media advertising.


  • Maintain financial records.
  • Collect and bank subscriptions/visitors monies.
  • Liaise with Membership Coordinator to ensure all membership payments received is passed on and recorded
  • Liaise with Excursion Coordinator in the collection of excursion monies
  • In November, email out invoices to membership. Collect and bank subscriptions. Follow up any unpaid members by end of March
  • Control cheque account, pay accounts on authorisation of these by the Committee
  • Arrange the honorarium for guest speakers and excursion payments as required
  • Provide monthly update and bank statement at Committee meetings
  • Prepare annual budget for the next financial year for presentation to the October committee meeting prior to presentation at the AGM
  • Arrange for annual payment of levy to U3A network.


  • Be first point of contact for members (new and existing) at the monthly meeting
  • Be responsible for maintaining the Membership list with contact details to ensure it is up to date and report to Committee Meeting each month
  • Maintain members’ details in Gmail contacts list
  • Send information on New Members to Members’ Label Coordinator to ensure label is prepared
  • Liaise with Treasurer on recording subscription payments
  • At committee meetings arrange dates for new members’ morning/afternoon tea functions and contact new members to invite.


  • Liaise with Membership Coordinator to ensure labels are up to date, ie resignations, new members.
  • Be responsible for the name label boards. Set up at monthly meetings by 9.30 am and collect all labels at end of meetings.


  • A Speaker Co-ordinator, with a sub committee of up to three members appointed by the committee, shall produce a list of possible speakers twice yearly.
  • Ensure all U3A members are invited to contribute suggestions
  • The proposed speakers’ list to be circulated to Committee members for discussion and approval from which a programme will be set for a minimum of three speakers in advance.
  • Liaise with speaker to determine technology needs. Determine if the speaker will provide their own technology requirements for the presentation.
  • Determine by which method they prefer to receive payment ie internet banking or cheque.
  • Provide speakers by email with confirmation of time, date, venue, starting time, speaker’s preference for payment and technology requirements, parking facility at venue.
  • Copy this email to President, Treasurer, Technology Coordinator.


  • Maintain a current list of Interest Groups
  • Provide up to date information of changes/new groups to the Committee at Committee meetings.
  • Act as liaison between Interest Group convenors and the Committee
  • Maintain record of Interest Group convenors, members and vacancies. Ensure that Interest Group convenors are aware of and adhere to interest group membership guidelines.
  • Where practicable, liaise with Interest Groups by attendance at one meeting of each group per year
  • Foster new groups.
  • Be aware of Interest Group Convenor roles ie:
    • Keep an up to date list of members of their group.
    • Ensure that all members of their interest group are financial members of U3A Christchurch North West.
    • Ensure that all members of their interest group are aware of where and when meetings will take place.
    • Liaise with the Interest Group Coordinators when circumstances within the group change.


  • Set up sound system, microphones and computer (slideshows, music) at the beginning of each general meeting, preferably at least 20 minutes beforehand. Fit the speaker with a head set.
  • Monitor the sound desk during the general meeting. Distribute hand held microphones.
  • Shut down the sound desk at the conclusion of the meeting ensuring that all equipment is accounted for.
  • Provide training for an assistant to cover in the absence of the Technology Coordinator.


  • In liaison with Committee, prepare excursion programme, set dates and book all requirements for special events which will include lunches, new members’ afternoon tea, excursions and other special events
  • Organise and administer all details for group events, which will be self funding. Confirm numbers and catering if an outside venue is used.
  • Liaise with Treasurer re monies received for excursions and Membership Coordinator re numbers for new members’ functions


Is appointed by the Committee and may be a Committee member, or a branch member who is suitably qualified.

  • Manage branch website to ensure it is up to date and working efficiently eg, programme details, interest groups, committee
  • Consult with the Committee before any significant changes are made to either the web design or web content (other than monthly updates).
  • Ensure that any costs related to the site are paid on time.
  • Monitor site for member feedback, particularly via gmail account. Respond to any feedback & pass membership information to Membership Coordinator.
  • Provide website feedback to Committee.


  • Liaise with paid morning tea person re supplies.
  • Arrange a roster of a small group of members (2-3) to assist serving the morning tea.
  • Set up the venue prior to meeting ie switch on lights, heating, provide water for speaker and turn off at the end of the general meeting.


  • All committee members are responsible for acting as good hosts by meeting and greeting members/guests at each meeting.
  • Committee members to arrive at monthly meetings by 9.15 am.


  • Attending U3A Network Canterbury meetings to provide assistance and communication amongst participating groups
  • Two representatives, usually President and one more, are eligible to attend.