Our Guiding Principles

  • To provide affordable learning opportunities for older people, using the skills and abilities of the members themselves.
  • To be at all times non-political and non-sectarian in our approach.
  • Those who learn shall teach, and those who teach shall learn; there shall be no distinction between the two.
  • There shall be no qualifications for membership, and no awards, degrees, diplomas or certificates shall be given.
  • The emphasis shall be on learning for enjoyment.
  • Learning shall take place in a friendly, supportive and social environment
  • Those joining U3A shall be responsible for its organisation and financial viability.
  • All U3A members shall be expected to offer voluntary service to the U3A and its activities, with no fee or payment to any member for undertaking the tasks necessary to operate their U3A, except for reimbursement of expenses such as travel, printing etc.
  • The programme of the U3A shall be decided by the needs and preferences of its members according to the resources available to it.
  • The learning opportunities and subjects offered may be academic, aesthetic, practical or physical, enabling members to acquire and develop skills of all kinds.
  • Research into specific situations of the elderly should be supported by U3A’s. Where appropriate, and possible, input into the research should also be provided

These principles are broadly based on the Principles developed for U3A UK