Acquiring and developing skills

Your committee is determined to develop and create more interest groups as they are a great way to create social and learning opportunities.     Our Interest Group Coordinator will work with members who have a passion or interest in a topic and who are keen to pass that knowledge on to others.

Groups are established to meet members' needs with the approval of the committee, so if you have expertise in any area, or if you want to develop that expertise, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by joining with other people in learning and teaching, and perhaps in doing something practical together.  Groups are financially self-sustaining and meet at times and venues suitable to their members.

If you wish to participate in any of our Interest Groups, you must be a member of U3A Christchurch North West.

We offer:


“I enjoy sharing and hearing thoughts on a variety of genres each month”

This group will interest those who love reading and sharing what they’ve read, whether it's a much loved or a much disliked book. It differs from our other book club in that you do not all read the same book at the same time.  
Meets: 2nd Friday at 10.30 am. Convenor: Adrienne, 351 5573


“It’s interesting to hear everyone’s viewpoints on plots, characters and writing styles, quite often very different to mine”

There are ten people in this group, which is run as part of the BDS book scheme, so there is an annual subscription of $65.  Everyone reads the same book over a month and then meets to discuss it in an enjoyable, social gathering.
Meets: 3rd Thursday.  Convenor: Elizabeth, 021 0643 511


“It’s a great way to share our creative experiences whilst learning new skills”

This is a friendly group. Whether it's crochet, patchwork, felting, embroidery or any other craft, come along and chat and share ideas.
Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the month between 1 and 4 pm. Convenor: Loraine, 358 7211


“Telling a story through strong written visuals to achieve an emotional impact ”

The U3A writers’ group enjoys regularly coming together to share and enjoy everyone’s writing.  There are starter activities and theme writing.  You are most welcome to attend a session to decide if this is for you.

Meets twice monthly: Week 3, Wednesday 1-3p.m. and Week 4, Thursday 10.30-12.30.   Convenor: Sue. 021 1861 197


“This is a great way to taste and try diverse types of food, often very different from our usual NZ fare”

This friendly group meets at an arranged venue for lunch, or sometimes for dinner.   A wide variety of restaurants are visited, so there is plenty of opportunity to discover many different cuisines.  Meets: 4th Monday or, sometimes, on a Tuesday. Convenor: Margot, 351 6847


“I enjoy seeing a variety of different movies, perhaps something I wouldn’t normally go to”

The convenor chooses a newly-released film, trying to offer variety over the year.  She emails the group members the details and an hour or so before the film starts, everyone meets for drink/chat.
Meets: Morning, 4th Tuesday (usually).  Convenor:  Jo, 351 3949


“I love that within the group there is so much knowledge which everyone is happy to share”

Members of the group, as well as invited outside speakers, intend to cover a diverse range of topics in 2020.  Meets at Papanui RSA, cnr Main North & Harewood Roads on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday between 10 & 12 pm.    ConvenorsNeville, 355 0205 & Paul, 021 138 3908 


“I love finding different ideas for turning a small space into a green and inviting oasis"

Aimed at keen gardeners who have found themselves living with a small or courtyard garden.   The meetings will be a place to share garden interests, swap plants and ideas and generally enjoy what others are doing in their small spaces.  Also, hoping for opportunities to tour other gardens in our area.  Meeting once a month in members' homes, the group is limited to 12 people.

Meeting 1st Monday of the month at 1.30 pm.  Convenor:  Shona 351 5520


“If you can play Happy Families then you can play Mahjong.  It’s great for keeping the mind active.”

Currently we have six mahjong groups operating and we are always seeking new players to form another.  If you are interested in learning this fascinating game or can play already, contact our Convenor: Gloria,  359 9986 / 022 0872992


“Recently, we’ve been walking in the Basque region, to Cadiz and the cities of Southern Andalusia, on an Italian opera tour and travelling in Japan.”

This group is currently in recess.  We will let you know when it resumes.


“It’s important to keep up with what technology can do to get the best out of our new toys”

The convenors of this group are passing on their knowledge to enable you to gain confidence when using your  Ipad, Iphone or Samsung phone or tablet.   For 2021, the plan is to hold four sessions on March 15,22, 29, April 19th, Mondays, 10 am to noon.  Please register your interest with Convenors: Pat, 358 4273 / 0272006454 or Adrienne 3574466 / 02722243186.  


“An opportunity to enjoy and experience the diverseness of the trails and walkways of Christchurch.”

Dust off the walking boots, hat and backpack!  Here's your chance to get to know the local walkways  and get fit at the same time.   We will be doing different walks each month, of about 2/3 hours walking plus morning tea and lunch breaks.    Meet: 10am, 3rd Monday each month at various locations depending on the walk.  Convenor: Bev, 352 4064, Gillian 351 8435